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Ok, I got it
Infinite Twilight
The Movie
If you can live for ever
  what do you live for?
DIRECTOR:   Catherine Hardwicke

SCREENPLAY:   Melissa Rosenburg

Bella: Kristen Stewart
Edward: Robert Pattinson
Charlie: Billy Burke
Alice: Ashley Greene
Rosalie: Nikki Reed
Jasper: Jackson Rathbone
Emmett: Kellan Lutz
Carlisle: Peter Facinelli
James: Cam Gigandet
Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner
Jessica: Anna Kendrick
Mike Newton: Michael Welsh
Eric Justin: Chon
Angela: Christian Serratos
Billy Black: Gil Birmingham
Esme: Elizabeth Reaser
Laurent: Edi Gathegi
Victoria: Rachelle Lafevre
Rene: Sarah Clarke
Tyler: Gregory Tyree Boyce
Waylon Forge: Ned Bellamy
Phil: Matt Bushnell
Mr. Molina: Jose Zuniga
The Cullens
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Bella Swan: a.k.a Kristen Stewart
(from left) Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Edward,Carlisle, Alice, Jasper