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Ok, I got it
Infinite Twilight
In the meadow: comments and questions for us
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Sep 6 2008 04:56 pm
did you all know that the Twilight movie got boosted foward to like November 21? and Stephenie said that illegal posts of Midnight sun were on the internet and shes reall jacked up from it so she might not even write Midnight Sun! she says in her frame of mind James' coven would win and the Cullens would die :(

Jul 30 2008 09:09 am
This is what I think...

Bella will marry Edward it will be over done (by Alice) her parents will be unhappy and so will Jacob.
Edward will turn her into a Vampire and she will either be immune to to whole thirst for blood thing, because she hates blood.   Or, she'll have some kind of wild power and be a crazy killer.   if this happens Edward won't like her anymore.   I think this because he is always talking about her smell and how warm she feels instead of her personality.   Jacob won't like her either, cause she'll be a vampire.   So then, she will join the Voltri. Crazy, I know lets just hope that she is Immune to it. :)

Jul 25 2008 01:42 pm

There is always a chance that Jacob gets in the way of the wedding cuz she already got rid of the Volturi, James, Victoria, Laurent and that nonsence so it has to be jacob in this book. He is the only one left. OR (i read the first chapter and preface in an eclipse special edition) since in the preface bella says that you cant fight back when the one who is attacking you is the one you love with your life even if it meant dying she is talking about edward and he ends up killing/eating/torturing her which is totally and utterly nonsence but it could be a possibility. well anyway. it has to be either Jacob Edward or maybe even Bella herself which is wrong because I think the wedding already happened in the first chapter   hmmm makes you think doesnt it?

May 13 2008 05:29 pm
I can't wait for Breaking Dawn, and I think that something terrible will happen at the wedding to postpone it. Maybe the Volturi will pop-upand bite Bella themselves! I wonder what power Bella will have as a vampire. She can protect her mind, so maybe she will have all the mind powers combined or she can protect her body, like a forcefield or something! It would be so cool! I hope Jacob doesn't jump of a cliff into the ocean or anything and I really(secretly) hope she chooses Jacob or at least that Stephenie lets him imprint!

May 12 2008 06:17 pm
Stephenie Meyer is coming to La Jolla for a book signing!!!

May 9 2008 07:03 am
Hey, they released one of the posters for the movie, and a teaser trailer too. The poster is on mtv.com
By the way, great site!
-a not so obsessed twilight fan

Apr 26 2008 02:53 pm
hi lan lan!!!

its Kali!!!!!!!!